20.0kW Diesel Generator / APU

CONTINUOUS MONITORING & DIAGNOSTICS The 20.0 EDER has digital controls offering simplified and easy to understand information on operational status and, if necessary, system diagnostics. Westerbeke also features "at a glance" illuminated lights indicating proper operation. They monitor battery voltage, generator voltage, generator frequency, oil pressure and coolant temperature. All this information may be viewed from a distance-all green lights indicate referenced systems are functioning properly. Further details are available on the screen display. The user may conveniently scroll for operational or diagnostic information without encountering "codes". Westerbeke uses text so the user does not have to refer to a manual to decipher numeric information.

LIGHTWEIGHT, CONVENIENT & READY TO GO 166.7 amps at only 933 pounds plus full instrumentation make the 20.0 EDER ready to go when you need it. And when you need to perform scheduled preventative maintenance easy single side serviceability makes the job a snap.

FULL TORQUE, FULL POWER PTO FOR POWER/RESCUE The 20.0 EDER has the exclusive PTO to drive special options for power and rescue.  Use the PTO to power high output DC alternators, or add an electric clutch and drive a compressor to bring air to the scene.  Add the XRT® Combi package to the 20.0 EDER and you have a combination power rescue package for all your electrical and rescue tool needs.

AUXILIARY POWER SYSTEMS (APU) Reduce idle times as much as 90%, reduce carbon emissions & regeneration times, while drastically reducing DPF maintenance & fuel costs. Our systems can be custom designed to fit your specific requirements, integrating HVAC units, heavy-duty alternators, and the XRT® Combi to run your recue tools.

CLEAN MACHINES The 20.0 EDER is a clean machine. The diesel power plant meets all EPA and CARB emission regulations and the generator produces clean stable electricity from a 4-pole backend that has precise regulation.

Disclaimer: Technical information is provided on our website for your reference and convenience only. XRT Power Systems and Westerbeke Corp. recommends that your engine, generator and/or XRT hydraulic system is serviced and/or installed only by an authorized XRT Power Systems and/or Westerbeke distributor or dealer. This technical information is a reference guide only. XRT Power Systems and Westerbeke Corp. reserve the right to make changes and/or updates at any time and these changes may not be available on website.