About Our Company

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to supply the highest quality hydraulic rescue pumps, diesel generators/auxiliary power units (APU’s) to fire rescue personnel, while providing the very best value and utmost customer service.

HISTORY: Founded in 1997, XRT Power Systems, LLC is the manufacturer of Hydraulic Rescue Tool Pumps for APU & PTO configurations. Our hydraulic pumps are compatible with ALL hydraulic rescue tools and can power both 5,000 and 10,000 psi tools.  Our systems allow better tool control at both low and high pressures, giving a safer, more efficient tool. We produce the XRT Combi, the XRT Powerhouse, the XRT Matrix System and the Onan Combi Protec and market them worldwide.  We have also combined efforts with Nartron/Smart Power to create the Liberator System – a hydraulic generator and high-power rescue tool pump.  The Liberator won the 2010 Innovation award from Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine.

We also offer a wide range of diesel generator/APU sizes to fit your specific needs – from 5.5kW up to 26kW.

XRT Power Systems is a division of Hansen Marine Engineering, Inc. which was founded in 1972.  Today Hansen Marine Engineering Inc. employs roughly 15 full time individuals for their marine engine and generator business and is the largest Westerbeke generator/engine and parts supply company in the Nation.



Bob Hansen, President: Bob grew up on the New England coast, on the shores of Marblehead, MA where he developed a strong affection for boats. As his expertise in engine repair grew, so did his popularity with his friends – always repairing their cars and boats.  Bob started his professional carrier in the airline industry as a mechanic, but always kept a side business for boat repair.  He would go from boat to boat repairing them from his rowboat!  As his reputation for prompt service, excellent repairs and fair prices grew, he found himself so busy with work that he decided to leave the airlines and start Hansen Marine Engineering.  Through mutual acquaintances, he met his (now) business partner, Fred Knowles.  It wasn’t long before the two built one of the largest companies in Marblehead, MA with a reputation that quickly encompassed the entire North East.  The two are often found diving for lobsters together in their (very limited) spare time.  Bob also enjoys offshore fishing and being a pilot.


Fredrick Knowles, Vice President: Fred was raised in Maine, along the rocky shoreline and his story is not unlike that of Bob’s. He found himself drawn to the boating industry and began working on boats.  He eventually focused primarily on diesel engines and generators. Fred met Bob Hansen in 1974 and it didn’t take long for the two of them to realize by joining forces, they could accomplish so much more.  In fact, it was Fred’s ingenious design that started XRT Power Systems back in 1997.  He engineered something that no one else was able to accomplish, and from there…the fun began! XRT Power Systems is now found on fire rescue vehicles all over the world and has received unprecedented accolades for helping reduce rescue times and help save lives.  Fred enjoys spending his free time diving, flying and building scale model airplanes and helicopters.


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