Diesel Generators

XRT Power Systems offers you a wide variety of Westerbeke diesel generators to choose from depending on your specific needs. Westerbeke generators are lightweight, compact and quiet (operating at just 1800 rpm).  A long-time favorite in the marine engine and generator industry, their proven dependability and low cost of opperation is contributing to Westerbeke’s rapid growth in industrial applications as well.

Features include: all-weather starting, self-priming or EZ Bleed fuel systems, automatic safety-shutdowns, and optional GenRemotes — the multi-station remote control that allows your generator/APU to start “on the run” with single-button starting simplicity.

All generators are not only extremely fuel efficient, but “environmentally friendly” too with emission levels that meet current EPA and CARB emission regulations for mobile industrial generator engines.


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5.5kW Diesel Generator

8.0kW Diesel Generator

10.0kW  Diesel Generator

11.0kW  Diesel Generator

12.5kW  Diesel Generator

14.0kW  Diesel Generator

20.0kW  Diesel Generator

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