Service Bulletin

Rescue tools that are difficult to disconnect from slim-line or twin-line couplings

The XRT system is unique in its filtration system .  Our system filters the return side of the oil flow, so debris from ground contact with the hose couplings and metal wear from the tools is not allowed in to the oil tank.  This gives the system maximum wear protection.  But the filtration system can cause minor backpressure in disconnecting and reconnecting the tools to the reel lines.  To minimize the connecting process, especially hydraulic oil based tools, the following items should be checked;

1.) Make sure the filter has been changed within the last 12 months.

2.) Check that ISO 22 or equivalent is used in the system

3.) Check that the return lines off the control blocks back to the tank are 3/8, or number 6 lines.  If these lines are smaller than 3/8, then the back pressure will increase and make the connecting process more difficult.