XRT PTO Powerhouse



The XRT® PTO Powerhouse System is a complete, transmission mounted, three-port system for hydraulic tools. It is compatible with ALL MAKES of cutting, spreading and extraction tools on the market today.  Work without compromise and most importantly, without splitting your rescue efforts because your equipment is short on power.


The benefits of the XRT® PTO Powerhouse System

- Dramatically improves response time: when a vehicle is in "PARK" - push one button and the XRT® system is ready instantly
- Is compatible with ALL makes of hydraulic rescue tools
- Gives simultaneous multi-tool operation: 3 men, 3 different operations with full flow, pressure and speed. Full power up to 200' from the vehicle
- Quiet on-scene operation helps to improve communication and helps to keep victims calmer
- Compact, lightweight and field installable
- Very affordable
- Patented design is coupled with a Chelsea® PTO and fits most transmissions with open PTO ports, including Allison EVS, Ford 4R100 and the new Ford 5R110 Torqshift

3.5 Gallon Remote Oil Tank

Remote Dump Value

Optional Remote Oil Cooler



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