"It’s a great product, I would definitely recommend the XRT to other departments." Albertville uses an XRT 25kW generator with a Combi 2-tool system running Hurst Tools

Chief Roger Latham / Albertville Fire Department, Albertville, AL

"XRT Power System's type of service is unheard of in today’s world…You flew out without even allowing us to buy you dinner and we were not billed for your services. Who are you?”

Chief Marc A. Muench / Southgate Fire Department, Inc. Southgate, KY

"The XRT has worked very good for us." Using an XRT 10kW generator with a Combi 1-tool system / Hurst Tools

Richard McKenna, Head Mechanic / Centereach Fire Department, Centereach, NY

"It was the worst accident I’ve even seen…We got her out in three minutes, in large part because we had something new (an XRT Power System) in our arsenal." Myrtle Beach FD uses many XRT Systems including Combi's, PTO Powerhouses, and more running Hurst Tools

Battalion Chief Rob Webster / City of Myrtle Beach Fire Department, Myrtle Beach, SC

"The XRT Combi’s one button start made a difference. A portable system would have added minutes to the process and (saving) any little bit of time in an accident like that is significant." Marblehead FD has a Combi unit and a PTO Powerhouse unit running Hurst Tools

Chief Barry Dixie / Marblehead Fire Department, Marblehead, MA

"We are very pleased with the ease of operation and the performance of the Liberator. Our neighboring districts are amazed at how quick we can deploy tools and light up the scene with our power unit and night scan light. Our Res-Q-Tech tools are performing normal as expected. We would do the same thing again if we had a need for the additional rescue unit."

Chief John Ford / Butler County Fire District #8, Douglas, KS

"We are very, very happy with the XRT Power System. No complaints." Boone FD uses an XRT 10kW generator with a Combi 3-tool system running Hurst Tools

Chief Ed Knight / Boone Fire Department, Boone, IA

"The XRT? It’s great! I haven’t had to do anything since it was installed. Fire-up the generator and the extrication equipment is ready to go. It’s worked great for us." Arvada uses an XRT 7.6kW generator with a Combi System

George Green / Arvada Fire Protection District, Arvada, CO

We are very happy with the XRT product. Everything ran great from day one. The XRT is a very reliable unit, and the XRT staff has provided excellent support.

Bill Humphries, Head Mechanic / Mountain View Fire Department, Longmont, CO

"We have had no problems with the XRT Power System." French Camp FD uses an XRT 7.6kW generator with a Combi 2-tool system running Hurst Tools

Edwin Oyler / French Camp Fire Department, French Camp, CA

"We have the Smart Power 10kW hydraulic generator with a separate XRT system (because the XRT Liberator Combi wasn’t available when we made our purchase). We copied the City of AuGres unit with our installation. Both units work perfectly. Simply pull up to the scene, push the button for the generator and another for the jaws, engage the high-idle, and go to work. We have used our light tower and the jaws together many times and love how simple (and quiet!) the operation is. A Michigan State Trooper commented after one accident how well our system worked. We were able to light up the entire scene and use our tools all within a couple of minutes of pulling up on the accident scene. We are very pleased with both systems." East Tawas FD has a Liberator System as well as an Onan Protec Combi System all running Holmatro Tools

Chief Bill Deckett / East Tawas Fire Dept., East Tawas, MI

"From the point of view of an apparatus manufacturer, the XRT Power System is a trouble-free installation. The combined generator – hydraulic system saves space. It also allows for the operation and maintenance of a single piece of equipment that provides hydraulic and electrical power"

Lisa Breu, Electrical Design Engineer / Pierce Manufacturing, Appleton, WI

"The reasons we went with XRT is they were priced great, the maintenance is very little and the quality is there. It works over and over and over without a bit of trouble. It saves us an awful lot of time - you pull up to an accident and your tools are already hot." Hummels Wharf Fire Co. uses a PTO Powerhouse 3-tool System running Amkus Tools

Deputy Chief John Grove / Hummels Wharf Fire Co., PA

"We've had the XRT Power Systems on our trucks for almost 15 years - they are fool-proof. We have no problems with them. When we get on scene, we flip the switch on the dash and the tools are instantly ready to go!" Londonderry FRD has 6 XRT units and they use Holmatro Tools

Jonathan Camire / Londonderry Fire Rescue Dept., NH