The Liberator


Smart Power and XRT® Power Systems have teamed up to provide the fire industry with its first and only fully integrated hydraulic driven generator and hydraulic driven rescue tool system.  This combined system uses one PTO to simultaneously produce 15kW hydraulic power to provide 10kW AC plus hydraulic power to operate 3 rescue tools at full capacity and independent of each other.

Integrated hydraulic rescue tool system

- Unique hydraulic drive system* provides more rescue tool power than gas or electric motors
- Allows pumper operation simultaneous with extrication and AC power generator
- Two-stage rescue tool pump provides faster extrication operation
- Compatible with ALL manufacturers' rescue tools; up to 200' hose/tool
- XRT® rescue tools pump, one hydraulic motor; drives both the generator and XRT® pump
- Power to drive up to 3 rescue tools simultaneously (independent of each other)
- Generator and rescue tools can be run at full load; at any engine RPM

Space saving design

- Compact hydraulic genset* footprint (Industry's smallest) saves valuable compartment space
- No additional hydraulic rescue tool pump is required; saving even more compartment space

Lower cost and high efficiency

- Eliminates the need for a larger generator, just to run electric-powered pump
- Requires 40% less power from the vehicle than other electric rescue tool pumps
- Simplified single drive integrated system

One PTO port operation

- Smart Start* engagement protects both the generator and XRT® pump
- Ease of operation; engage just one PTO and you are "scene-ready"
- Thru-drive pumps offer ability to run another hydraulic pump from the same PTO

Reliable hydraulic generator power source

- Total Electronic Control System* offers the Industry's highest system control & self-diagnostics
- Trouble-free hydraulically driven clean power source you can rely on
- Rugged tray assembly provides superior component protection
- Automated system protection prevents damage in extreme conditions

*patents 7,053,498; 7,459,800 and others pending



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