XRT Hydraulic Pump Warranty

Certificate of Warranty For XRT Hydraulic Rescue Pump

Each XRT hydraulic rescue pump is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship from the original date of installation for two years or 2000 hours of use, whichever comes first, subject to the general limitations and exclusions set forth below.

If it is determined, by an independent 3rd party representative of said tool manufacture, that the XRT pump system has caused damage to the hydraulic rescue tool that the system was built to power (as identified by the XRT serial number on the pump system), XRT Power Systems will repair, replace, or pay for repair or replacement of said tool, as set forth in tool manufactures warranty statement, subject to the general limitations and exclusions set forth below.


Warranty Terms:

The obligation of XRT Power Systems under this warranty include free replacement of the necessary parts and shipping costs to return the equipment to the user, provided the inspection of the equipment has proved that the parts were defective at the time of purchase or where improperly designed or manufactured.  An authorized XRT Power Systems representative can only perform the warranty inspection, and the purchaser will pay the shipping cost to the repair center.  Said warranty shall remain in effect only if (1) such goods are used normally and properly in accordance with XRT Power Systems instructions as to maintenance and operation, whether given orally or set forth in manuals furnished by XRT Power Systems, and (2) the purchaser gives prompt notice to XRT Power Systems of any such defects and preserves and turns over all allegedly defective goods, parts or items.



This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship except:

Any damage occurring during shipment of the goods (for which claims shall be presented to the carrier). Normal wear and tear parts and consumable parts and items including, o-ring replacement, hydraulic hose wear.  Goods sold but not manufactured by XRT Power Systems, such as Parker Hannifin Hydraulic hose.  Damage caused by repairs performed by persons other than authorized XRT service centers, or damage resulting from the use of parts other than genuine XRT parts.  Damage as the result of improper or neglected reasonable maintenance.


Limitation of Damages:

XRT Power Systems obligation under this warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement, at XRT’s option.  If XRT Power Systems determines, in its sole and final discretion, that the nature of the defect precludes remedy by repair and or replacement, XRT Power Systems reserves the right to satisfy any warranty obligation by refunding the full purchase price, on return of all defective goods to XRT Power Systems, shipping cost prepaid.  Any action of breach of warranty

or other action must be commenced within one year after such action arises, except where applicable law prohibit any such time restriction on the bringing of such an action.


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